Bunbuni Pass Trek (Buni Buni Pass Trek): An Adventurous Hike through Nature!

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Sometimes we just feel like leaving to a place away from our daily life, some like to relax and some like to enjoy. Trekking gives you both! You get closer to nature and also there is adventure spirit with you. There is no better place to relax than a place full of natural spaces.

Bunbuni Pass Trek is one such trek in Himachal which is located in the Parvati Valley and brings you closer to the simplicity and beauty of this place. The trek starts from Barshaini which is in Kullu and is you need to have 3 days to go for this trek. These days will give you an unforgettable experience.

Bunbuni Pass Trek


Bhunbhuni Trek is located in the beautiful Parvati Valley. It is located at an elevation of 3,350 m above the sea level. The trek starts from Barshaini. For reaching Barshaini, you have to reach Kullu first.

bhun bhuni trek

The distance between Kullu and Barshaini is around 55 kms which can be covered in 2-3 hours. From Barshaini you will start the trek towards Kalga and then to Bunbuni Pass.

How to Reach Bunbuni Pass

Bunbuni Pass Trek is located in the Parvati valley. Kullu is the nearest town for Bhunbhuni trek. Kull can be reached from New Delhi by an overnight bus. The distance between New Delhi and Kullu is around 500 kms and from there you need to reach Barshaini which is 50-60 kms away. It would take 2-3 hours to reach Barshaini from Kullu.

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The nearest airport is at Bhuntar which 47 kms away from Barshaini. You can take a taxi from there which will drop you at Barshaini in around 2 hours. The railhead is Joginder Nagar which at a distance of 123 kms from Kullu and 160 kms from Barshaini.

The trek will start from Barshaini towards Kalga. It will take 10-15 minutes to reach Kalga from Barshaini. You can even see Kalga from the road head. One has to start towards Bunbuni Pass from Kalga.


At Bunbuni Pass Trek, the weather from April to June is pleasant and best for those seeking relief from the sun. In the monsoon time, the valley receives heavy rainfall in good amount. Trekking in this season should be avoided as there are chances of problems due to the rain.

bhun bhuni trek

Post monsoon, the region gets covered in the lush green forest and is a delight to see. This time is the best for nature lovers and those who love photography. From December to March, there is heavy snowfall in this area and therefore trekking becomes difficult. Most of the people don’t prefer trekking at this time so the region remains closed.

Best Time to Visit Bunbuni Pass Trek

Bunbuni Pass Trek located in the Parvati valley is at its best in the summer months that is from the month of April to June. the snow starts melting and there is an emotion of rejuvenating things here. Another best time can be post-monsoon months when the whole valley gets covered in greenery. It gives you amazing natural hotspot feel with its rich flora and fauna.


The trek towards Bunbuni Pass starts from Barshaini which one can reach from Kullu. After reaching Barshaini walk towards Kalga. Kalga is a small hamlet which can be seen even from the road. It is located at an elevation of 2,300 metres. A small upward trek for 10-15 minutes will take you to Kalga.

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Start early the next morning as Bunbuni Pass is a 6-7 kms hike from Kalga. The tail here is steep, it would take 5-6 hours to cover it depending on your fitness level. Enjoy the natural beauty of Kalga, after some time you would find green meadows. As you hike upwards, you would see Shepherd huts at some distances, this could also be a sign that you are on the correct route.

Shepherds use these huts in the summers when they come with their cattle for grazing. They also have dogs with them who take care of their cattle. This part of the trek is also difficult. The whole route is through the forest.

bhun bhuni trek

There is a steep climb up to Bunbuni Pass. You have to cross 2-3 hills to reach the top. When you finally reach there would see a plain ground. There is a long green meadow where trekkers come and camp under the stars with amazing views of the valley.


Kalga is the base for some treks in the Parvati valley like Kheerganga and Bunbuni Pass Trek. The whole village is covered in greenery. Most of the houses here are converted into guest houses and home stays. There are two prominent things in the village, Apple plantation and Animal husbandry. People here lead a simple life and are very genuine and helpful in nature.


The average package of Bunbuni Pass Trek starting from Barshaini is of 2 nights and 3 days. This may cost you around INR 4,000 per person. It also depends on the number of days you want to spend in the valley. You may need trekking accessories for the trail from Kalga to Bunbuni Pass Trek. You can also come to Barshaini directly and join a guide which would definitely cost you less.


Bunbuni Pass Trek is the one you would crave of whenever a place close to nature comes to your mind. You are going to fall in love with the beauty of the hills and will feel refreshed. Many people extend their trip when they visit these hamlets and are infatuated with the culture and lifestyle. When are you planning your trip here?

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