Chitkul Village – The Last Indian Village on Indo-Tibetan Border in Himachal

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Chitkul is a serene village located in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. This village is the last village before the Indo-Tibetan border. Chitkul is known for its amazing beauty and of course for its location.

A three day trip to Chitkul can be planned easily from New Delhi and Chandigarh. There are exciting places at Chitkul, One being ‘Hindustan ka Aakhiri Dhaba’ which is a famous point for travel lovers. Read out more about Chitkul and plan your trip soon.

Chitkul Village – The Last Indian Village


Chitkul is a beautiful Himalayan village located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also known as the Last Indian Village of India before the Tibetan border.chitkul

It is at a distance of around 600 kilometres from New Delhi and 250 kilometres from Shimla. Chitkul is a part of Kinnaur Valley and attracts many tourists every year because of its magnificent beauty.

How to Reach Chitkul Village

Chitkul can be reached by air, rail and road. When coming from Delhi, one can take a bus to Shimla from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Buses to Chitkul are available from ISBT Shimla. It takes 8-9 hours to reach Chitkul from Shimla and therefore buses operate in the morning.


The nearest railway station is also Shimla. If you are comfortable with buses and want to save time then choose a bus over train to Shimla. The nearest airports to Chitkul are Bhuntar airport of Kullu which is 224 kilometres away and Shimla airport which is 226 kilometres away.

Best time to Visit Chitkul

The best time to visit Chitkul is in the month of March to May and from September to October. In the month of March, you may get to experience the snow laden mountains and mesmerising landscapes.

chitkul beauty

The weather becomes pleasant in summers followed by rain in the monsoon. For those seeking some place to escape the scorching heat of summers, Chitkul can be a very good option. The temperature starts dropping after September with greenery all around. So this can also be a very good time to visit this amazing beauty.

Climate at Chitkul

Chitkul is known for its awesome weather conditions. In winters, you can see the white beauty of Chitkul and in summers, you can enjoy the pleasant weather and greenery. The average temperature during the summer months remains between 10 to 25 degrees.

Post monsoon, the hills radiates lush greenery. After the month of October, the temperature starts dropping. The average temperature in the winter months can be seen between 0 to 5 degrees. Sometimes weather can be harsh and temperature may fall below 10 degrees.

Places to Visit in Chitkul

Hindustan Ka Akhri Dhaba

This small restaurant or Dhaba is near the Baspa river and is the last dhaba before the border. This place has a signboard saying ‘Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba’. Taking a photo with this board has become a custom for the travellers. This place serves local cuisines and yummy snacks to its visitors at a reasonable cost.


Baspa River Bank

Visiting the banks of Baspa river will take you to an immense amount of beauty. Baspa river is turbulent and lively all the time. The snow-capped mountains give splendid views in the winters.

You can enjoy the snow at the banks. In summers, the weather is pleasant and riverside feel will give you refreshing vibes. Himalayan brown trout can be seen in the river too. You can also enjoy the river crossing in a basket.

Mathi Temple

Mathi temple of Chitkul is dedicated to the local goddess Shri Mathi. The temple is made of walnut wood and is covered by a tuft of the tail of Yak. This temple is believed to be 500 years old.

mathi temple

According to people goddess Mathi, after a long journey settled in Chitkul village which bought much prosperity in the region. All the travellers coming to this village visit this temple every year.

Chitkul Fort

Chitkul Fort is also a place tourist love due to its amazing and interesting architecture. It stands at the top of the village like a tower. The carvings on its wall are antique and beautifully done.

chitkul fort

Stay at Chitkul Village

Chitkul is a wonderful place to stay. Many travellers travelling to Spiti Valley take a halt here. There are hotels, homestays and camps too. Camping near the riverside can be pretty adventurous. If you want a comfortable stay, opt for hotels or homestays.


Chitkul Village is a pure beauty that will give you some of the best views of your life. The amazing climatic condition and its location will take away your heart. Visit this place to experience the best of the hills.

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