Gue Monastery: Home to 550 Years Old Indian Mummy

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Gue Mummy is a subject of amazement in the Spiti Valley. It is one of the hidden secrets of the valley situated in the Gue village near the Gue monastery.

Gue is an almost isolated habitation with no other village in view, but what makes it famous is over the 500-years-old mummy of a Buddhist monk. On a small hillock just on the outskirts of the village in a small room, inside a glass cabin, lies the mummy of an old monk.

The nails, teeth and hair of the mummy are believed to be still growing! It is said that his body is of Sangha Tenzin’s and he got buried beneath a glacier during an avalanche and remained there for hundreds of years till ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) personnel found it during some road clearance project.

The Mummy was then brought to Gui village and placed here, and kept in a cabin because of its unknown secret movements! It is no less than a wonder to witness how a human body has preserved itself for so many years without any decay or chemical.


Gue village is located at a distance of 80 kilometres from Kaza in the Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an altitude of 10,499 feet above the sea level just a few kilometres away from the Indo-China border.

gue monastery

How to Reach

The village is in a serene area. The only way to reach there is private taxis because no or very fewer buses come up to this village. One can get a bus from Sumhdo in Kinnaur sometimes.

gue monastery

Usually, people hire a private taxi or take their private vehicle to the village of Gue. The village lies on the road going towards Tabo. There one can find a diversion going towards the Gue village which is muddy and narrow.

This whole route of 15 to 20 kilometres takes you to the village of Gue where you will find different sign boards indicating towards the monastery.
The diversion is also called as Gue Nala and if one wants he can trek to the village from this Nalla which is 11 to 13 kilometres narrow trail.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Gue Monastery is in the month of April to August. During these months there is melting of snow and the weather is clear and pleasant.

In the winter months, the village is not accessible due to heavy snowfall and open again during the month of March and remains a place to visit for travellers till the month of October.


The village of Gue remains under snow till the month of March. In April, the snow starts melting and makes it accessible for the travellers to visit the village of Gue.

gue monastery

The average temperature during the summer months is around 15 to 20-degree Celsius which drops down at the night to 10 degrees. In the winters the temperature is freezing which is also believed to be one of the reasons why the mummy is preserved in this condition for so many years.

Story of Gue Mummy

According to the local people of the village, the Mummy is believed to be of Sangha Tenzin who gave up his life for the well being of the village. This mummy was found in 1975 and as per scientist, it is 500 to 600 years old. It is the only sitting Mummy in the world.

gue monastery

It is believed that the lama took upon himself the danger to save the village from a major problem in the past. Some also say that this body is of a soldier named Sangha Tenzin’s and he got buried beneath a glacier during an avalanche and remained there for hundreds of years till ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) personnel found it during some road clearance project.

gue monastery

Gue mummy is considered to be a living god by the villagers and they offer it prayers. The nails and hairs of the mummy are still growing. The mummy is well preserved and is kept in a glass box so that it doesn’t escape. The box is kept in a room which is near to the Gue Monastery.

The keys of the room are kept with a villager who also owns a small snacks shop near the monastery. The room is opened for the travellers only. Rest of the time it is closed. For visitors visiting it or those who haven’t visited it, it is a subject of great surprise around the world.

Culture of Gue Village

Gue is a small peaceful village which has very few houses. The population is around 100 people live here in the small heart-shaped houses. The village and its people are completely untouched by modernization, they live a peaceful and struggling life.

People are shy but very helpful. You can ask them about all the history of that place and the mummy. They are very nice people to talk to.

Stay at Gue

Most of the people do not prefer staying in Gue village. Travellers either stay at Kaza or Tabo. The village to this village is a part of the day sightseeing only. If you want to stay here then there are few homestays which provide basic facilities like room and food.


Gue Monastery is one of the places in Spiti Valley which attracts travellers to visit this land. It is one of the hidden secrets of this valley. Your trip is incomplete without visiting the mummy. This mummy will provide you with lots of amazement and stories to tell it to your friends.

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