Know All About Kibber Village : A Detailed Guide to Kibber, Spiti Valley

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Spiti is the home to different kinds of elements of this country. It is a place away from the hustle bustle of daily lives, a place where peace is so deep and extended that anyone would fall in love with serenity. One such village in the Spiti Valley is Kibber. Kibber village is located 4,270 metres at a distance of 20 Km from Kaza.

Kibber is famous for its status of being one of the highest villages in the world and for Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. The village appears as if small boxes are embedded in the barren mountains. Visit this land of wonder on your trip to the Spiti Valley.

Kibber: Heights and Amazing Landscapes


Kibber is a village in the Spiti Valley located at an altitude of 4270 metres in the Himalayas. This village is famous for its monastery and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located at a distance of 20 kilometres from Kaza a bus service connects Kibber to Kaza which runs on a daily basis in the summer months.


The village has around 80 houses with some basic facilities like a school or post office, a community TV set and dispensary. These things are not available in other villages of the valley. The houses of Kibber are made of stone instead of mud which makes them different.

How to Reach

Kibber is located at a distance of 18 km from Kaza. One has to reach Kaza to reach Kibber. From Delhi, one can get a bus to Manali or Shimla. Buses to Kaza are available from Manali and Shimla. Usually, travellers take a stay at Kaza.


Taxis are available from Kaza to Kibber. There is a bus that operates in the evening and takes 45 minutes to reach. If your plan is to leave Kaza in the morning then cabs or taxis are the only options. For those coming by air, Bhuntar airport in Kullu is the nearest airport. From Kullu one needs to reach Manali and then Kaza.


The climate at Kibber is cold and temperate. In winters, the region is covered in heavy snow. The temperature may fall even below 15 degrees Celsius. Snow starts melting after the month of April or May.


The summers are dry and temperate. Days are pleasant but nights are cold. Even if you are travelling to Spiti Valley in summers, you must keep some warm clothes to tackle the temperature drop at night.

Best Time to Visit Kibber

Kibber should be visited in the summer months from May to October. If you want to see snow, visit it in April. After September, the mercury starts to drop. The village remains away from the world in the winter months.


Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

Kibber wildlife sanctuary was established in 1992 it is located at an altitude of 3600 to 6700 metres above the sea level the Sanctuary is famous for its medicinal plants species which are very rare and a matter of great attraction for medical scientist of the world along with the plants there are certain animal species which are endangered one can witness snow leopard here.

kibber wildlife sanctuary

Chicham Bridge

Chicham bridge is the highest bridge in Asia situated above a deep gorge of about 1000 feet high! Located in the North-eastern part of Spiti, this bridge connects Kibber to Chicham village.

chicham bridge

Before this, the villagers used to cross the way by a dangerous ropeway, it took 14 years to complete this new bridge. It finally completed in 2017 and it has reduced the journey between Kibber to Losar by 40 km and is a great relief for villagers!


Kibber Village may be a place with fewer things to explore but the thing worth knowing is its lifestyle and simplicity. This would surely add a lot of stuff to your memory bank and experiences. Go here and live a day at some of the world’s highest destinations.

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