Pin Valley: Experience the Incredibility of Spiti Valley

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Spiti Valley has embedded in itself great beauty with a number of stories all these years.  One such remote region of the Spiti Valley is the Pin Valley. The valley is famous for its Pin Valley National Park.

Spiti has come under notice from some past years and its incredibility is attracting more and more travellers every year. There are villages with the least population in the country. Most part of this valley is inaccessible in winters due to its extreme weather conditions.

Their culture and traditions have been the same for years. Not only the simplicity but also the biodiversity of this region makes it a perfect adventure destination.

Pin Valley: An Incredible Experience


Pin Valley region is also known as Pin Valley National Park is located in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. This National Park was established in 1987 in cold desert habitat of Spiti.

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It has Great Himalayan National Park in the southwest and Rupi Bhabha Sanctuary in the south. Pin Valley is around 374 km away from New Delhi and 180 Km from Shimla.

How to Reach Pin Valley

There are two routes to you visit Pin Valley. The first one is through the Rohtang Pass and Kunzum La Pass which starts from Manali. This route opens only in the months from July to October. The second route starts from Shimla and passes through Kaza. Visitors visiting this national park usually take this route.

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If you want to come by air the nearest airport is at Bhuntar in Kullu. There are many flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Bhuntar. From there one can take a private taxi towards Manali. One can also take a flight to Shimla. The nearest railhead Shimla which is around 443 kilometre from there one has to take either bus or private taxis towards Kaza.


Pin Valley is a remote area with less accessibility. The region receives heavy snowfall during the winter months. Temperature falls to as low as – 10 degrees in winters. Snow starts melting in the month of April. Days are pleasant in the months of summers with a temperature around 20 degrees but nights are quite cold.

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Best Time to Visit Pin Valley

The best time to visit Pin Valley is in the summer months of May to October. This village is only accessible at this time of the year. The climatic conditions here are generally cold and dry as it is a cold desert. From the month of December to March the region receives heavy snowfall and the rainfall here is very scanty.

The Rich Biodiversity of Pin Valley

Being at such a high altitude, Pin Valley has great diversity than other regions. Trees here are mostly alpine species like Himalayan Cedar. One can witness rare Himalayan birds and animal species here in summers.

Pin Valley is also famous for medicinal plant species. Some of them are endangered species which and rare. The most famous animal found here is Snow Leopard and Siberian ibex.

Places to Visit

Dhankar Gompa

Dhankar Monastery or Gompa is situated at an altitude of 3870 m in the Spiti Valley. It is at a distance of 23 kilometres from Tabo. This monastery was built around 2000 years ago and has great importance in history. Herbs growing in this area of very famous for curing lung and heart diseases.


Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery is situated at an altitude of 3050 which is around 48 kilometres from Pin Valley National Park. This monastery was built in AD 996 and has been declared as the place where the current Dalai Lama will take his retirement. There is ancient architecture, interesting assembly hall surrounded by bodhisattva statues and five Dhyani Buddhas.

tabo monastery

Mud Village

Mud Villages is one of the famous villages of the Pin Valley. This village has a population of around 150 to 200 people. This village is the starting and ending point of Pin Parvati Trek. The remote location of this village makes it inaccessible for most of the time of the year. In winters the temperature is below -10° one can witness snow leopard in this region.

Stay in Pin Valley

There are few hotels and homestays and guest house available in this Valley. These are in the village of Guling and Mud Village. Popular guest houses are Tara Guesthouse in Mud Village and Valley View Homestay in Guling.

Basic facilities like food and beds are available in these guesthouses. These homestays were the home of local people here. Only BSNL or MTNL network are accessible here, that too not properly. So one can enjoy his time with the locals listening to their local stories.


Pin Valley is a remote destination that people know about. This national park is an area of great interest if you go deep into its biodiversity. Visiting such a place gives you a different kind of feeling, a feeling of going to a place where very fewer people dare to travel. Are you planning your trip to this valley?

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