5 Common Problems Girls Face While Travelling and Their Solutions

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The trend of female travelling solo around the world has been increasing from the past years. Here we are giving you the types of problems girls face while travelling and their solutions because adventure should not stop just because you are a female.

Women have been showing the courage to travel to different parts of the world on their own footsteps rather than following the crowd.

Problems Girls Face while Travelling


The first problem that girls faces are of unhygienic places. When we are travelling we do not get clean places everywhere. Hygiene becomes a major problems girls face while travelling. We have to manage somehow with the available options that that’s when we get infections and other body issues!

Girl traveller

These hygienes maybe of not getting washroom or proper bathrooms. Neither do we get parlours to get our hair waxed and we have to manage it in our own ways because women with body hairs and a moustache are not socially acceptable

What can be done

Thanks to the new age, you now have disposable urination devices like ‘Peebuddy’ that let you pee without sitting on the seat and you don’t have any kind of problem using that. You can buy these from nearest medical stores and be carefree.


The second most important problems that women are concerned about is safety. Women travel a different world than a man. The situations and the outside world is not the same for women as it is for a man.

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There are places we cannot go alone, there are times we have to protect our self from different kinds of crimes. It is one of the reasons why female travellers are not allowed to travel for long hours.

This all depends on the situations. Sometimes we get people that we can trust, those who support females. There are also people giving us the wrong information just to bring us down. So it’s on the very moment that we have to decide what to do and what to not. For more, check out some travel safety tips for women.

What can be done

You must carry as much information as you can of that place and for that, you have to keep your brain wide open. Look around places and never hesitate to ask people about a particular thing.

Talk to people and share thoughts with them regarding the place but don’t trust a person you have met for some hours or a day. Do not share personal things with just anyone, things you feel you must not.

Also, keep checking your important stuff before leaving any place. In case of any doubt or mishappening, do not hesitate to contact the police or any other related authority. Also if you are travelling alone, keep updating your family or friends with your location, vehicle number etc.

Periods Problems Girls Face While Travelling

The next very big problem is the periods! Usually, we don’t invite them and we don’t want them to come. But, we have to get them every 28 days we wish or not. This can happen in any corner of the world and at any time.

girl traveller

Most of the time, this time arrives when we are least expecting it. They come along with a lot of pain and other changes which we have to go through we want or not.

What can be Done

Be prepared for your periods with pads or tampons once you know that they are going to arrive. If you are the one who forgets your date, you can download the period tracker app which tells you again and again about the arrival of periods.

One cannot travel with a pad or a tampon every day but you can wear a pantyliner any day and it would help you save from the emergency. Carry your medicines and have energy drinks to avoid weaknesses.

Unwanted Attention

Another major problem is unwanted attention which girls face now and then. This attention may come from the locals whether males or females. The major reason from locals may be due to your alienness and the way you dress yourself and the way you look. These staring and stalking definitely makes uncomfortable and is the problem to the majority of girls travelling out there.

girl traveller

What can be done?

We cannot change human nature. The only thing we can do is keeping ourselves comfortable and not share personal stuff with just anybody. Dress naturally but according to the place you are travelling to. Avoid talking much to people who are giving you unwanted attention. Talk to your friends and enjoy your trip.

Beauty Hacks while Travelling!

The way we look matters a lot when we have to click so many pictures and upload them on social media. Travelling means exposure to sun, wind, pollution and so on. It becomes important to protect your skin and hair.

girl traveller

What can be done?

You can’t carry heavy shampoo and conditioner bottles in your backpack. Instead, carry small pouches as per needed.

Washing your hair frequently might not be possible but you can carry a small spray bottle with a mixture of conditioner and water in it in the ratio of 1:5. For those having oily scalp can carry talcum powder and rub it in your hair, it helps in absorbing oil in your hair.

Always keep your face moisturised, drink a lot of water, carry shades to protect your eyes. You can also take a scarf if you feel the heat is more. Do not wear heavy make- up and keep waterproof make-up.


So these were some of the most common problems that a girl faces while travelling. Travelling is meant to explore and enjoy the world around you and not about taking stresses. You can avoid these problems with these simple solutions. There should be no adjustment with your enjoyment. Keep exploring and let nothing stop you! 

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