Serolsar Lake Trek- A Beautiful Lake Amidst Nature

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Planning a perfect weekend trip to just chill at some place close to nature without getting much tired? Serolsar Lake Trek in Kullu district of Himachal can be your ideal choice.

This lake is a serene lake located in the forest cover which takes you away from the hustle bustle of your daily life. The greenery surrounding this place provides extreme calmness which would give you rejuvenating feel.

The lake is situated in Tirthan valley which is known for its beautiful natural beauty. One can reach this lake by 2-3 hours of trekking. Camp here for overnight with your family and loved ones. Camping is done near to the lake in the natural premises.

There is a temple located near the lake dedicated to Goddess of Snakes or Buddhi Nagin whom the local worship. Sunset and sunrise should not be missed.

Serolsar Lake Trek: A Day with Nature


Serolsar Lake is located in the Seraj valley of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a high altitude lake which is about 3,100 metres above the sea level. This lake is surrounded by thick forest and is accessible through Jalori Pass.

serolsar lake trek

The locals here believe that the lake has medicinal properties. There is a small temple of Buddhi Nagin which people believe is the goddess of all snakes. Serolsar lake is around 530 km away from the national capital New Delhi and around 150 km from Shimla.

How to Reach Serolsar Lake

Serolsar lake trek starts from Jalori Pass. Jalori pass is located in the Tirthan valley of Himachal. If you are coming by road, you can any bus that is going towards Kullu and get down at the famous Aut tunnel.

serolsar lake trek

There is a separate path that cut towards Tirthan Valley which is on the right of the tunnel before it starts. One has to drive to Jalori Pass and from there the trek to Serolsar Lake starts. It is recommended for not driving your own vehicle to Jalori Pass as the road is very difficult to drive on.

The nearest railway station is at Joginder Nagar which is 95 km away from Kullu and near to 130 km to Jalori Pass. The nearest airport is at Bhuntar which is around 65 km away and it takes around 2-3 hours to reach from there. Taxis are easily available from Bhuntar to Jalori Pass.

Best Time to Do Serolsar Lake Trek

The best time to go for Serolsar Lake trek is in the from the month of April to November. This place welcomes a number of tourist at this time of the year. During the monsoon season, the path becomes slippery as the trail is through the forest. It is not advisable to go for trekking at this time.

serolsar lake trek

After November, the area receives a good amount of snowfall and makes it difficult to reach Jalori Pass. therefore, this region remains closed during the winter months. It reopens in the month of March. Visit it in April- May if you want to see some snow.


The climate of Serolsar lake is pleasant during the summers. The average temperature during the summer day is 20 degrees and in nights the temperature falls below 10. Camping here in the natural premises will make you feel close to nature.

In winters, the forest surrounding the lake gets frozen. Whole Tirthan valley is covered in a white sheet of snow. The lake also gets frozen. It displays another level of beauty when covered in snow.


The base of Serolsar lake trek is Jalori Pass. As you get down from at Aut tunnel, you need to reach Jalori Pass which at a distance of around 45 km from the tunnel. You will pass through Jibhi which is 33 km away from the Aut Tunnel. You can have breakfast at Jibhi. After Jibhi the altitude starts rising.

At Jalori Pass, you will find a Kali Mata Mandir from where the trek for Serolsar Lake starts. There are some shops also from where you can buy basic snacks. One can reach Serolsar lake in 2-3 hours of trekking. There is no difficulty in the trail. The maximum altitude that one can reach is 3115.

serolsar lake trek

Once you reach the lake you will want to spend more and more time near the lake. There is a temple of goddess of the snake. We will be camping 100 metres away from the lake. At night enjoy the bonfire with the beautiful star-studded sky.

Next morning, start your day with a walk around the mesmerising lake and enjoy the sunrise. One can see the peaks of Greater Himalayas, Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Seven Sister Peak and Indrasan Peak from the campsite. Have breakfast and set your trail towards Jalori Pass. It would take 2 hours to reach Jalori Pass from Serolsar Lake.


Serolsar lake is a one night and two-day package which starts at Jalori Pass. The total cost of the package for Serolsar Lake trek is between INR 3,000 to INR 6,000. If you are not taking any package, you can come directly to Jalori Pass and join a guide.

It is not recommended to drive to Jalori because the roads are very tricky and it is suggested to get professional and trained drivers. The trek is fairly easy but the route is through the forest area, so you must join a guide to reach the lake.


Serolsar Lake Trek is a perfect weekend getaway which you can enjoy with your family, friends and loved once. You would feel rejuvenated after spending time at such a calm and natural place. When are you planning your trip to this beautiful lake in the Himalayas?

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