Triund Trek: All You Need to Know

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There are numerous routes to capture the wondrous view of the giant Dhauladhar Mountains; the most popular one is Triund Trek. Indeed, Kangra is the playground for trekkers. Triund Trek is the king of all the mountain trails of Kangra region, beneath the mighty Dhauladhar range. It lies at an altitude of about 2842 meters.

Do you know Triund is counted best among the most popular trekking spots of India? It is true!  The tranquil trek of Triund attracts a lot of tourists of different age groups every year from all around the world. In fact, Triund Trek actually isn’t grueling at all, it can be covered easily even by unseasoned trekkers!

Best Time to visit Triund

Summertime is the best time for Triund trekking that starts from March till May. Also, though it is rainy in June and July, still trekking is possible at this interval of the year. In this season, you’ll get a chance to experience the gushing waterfalls, the impressive greenery of the meadows and a great scenic beauty of mountains with grass laden grounds.

triund trek

However, you can plan a trip to Triund in the second part of the year as well which is from September to December.  But this time is mostly avoided by tourists as it requires more knowledge and equipment for hiking the snowy mountains/ glaciers. But indeed it’s an equally exciting adventure to hike during winter.

Triund Trek Trivia

The adventurous road that leads toward Triund takes you through a beautiful mixed forest of oak, deodar trees. Also, the flowers of Rhododendron are there to accompany you throughout the journey.

Triund Trek Distance

Well, talking about the journey, the real journey starts from Mcleod Ganj. Till Galu Devi Temple, you’ll have an option to hire Taxi but after that, it’s a pure trekking road for up to five-to-six kilometers.

triund trek

Triund Trek Time

From Galu Devi Temple, it takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach the top.

Triund Trek Climate

While trekking, enjoy the mystical fog and dim light shade of nature. You’ll fall in love with the cozy and comfortable weather giving clear views of the charming beauty of Triund. Misty rays of sunlight shining through the trees and breathtaking beauty of mountains will blow your mind and soul.

Triund offers excellent picturesque views of the Dhauladhar ranges along with every bend of its trail. The real adventure starts in the last one kilometer when you may require a bit of toil after some time. This tough road is popularly known as “22 curve road” as you will be facing 22 tiring curves before reaching Triund. Don’t be scared, you’ll find some cafeterias on your way to relax and get some refreshment.

triund trek

All your weariness will vanish away in seconds once you’ll reach the destination. The Triund traipse is worth experiencing as the escapade when you reach Triund is awe-inspiring and exhilarating. On the top of the Triund Hill, you’ll find a small temple – Devi Temple. Once you visit this place, you’ll get a chance to witness the beautiful view of the lofty Moon Peak and Indrahara Pass. The clouds descend to accompany you and the view is absolutely spectacular!

There is a plenty of space to camp over the ground. Setup your tent over the grassy meadows or book a room for yourself in the guest house operated by Himachal Pradesh Forest Department for the night stay.

Nearby Places to Explore

Other than Triund Hill, you can try hiking further to the Kareri Lake, where you’ll come across rock-cut caves, Lahesh Cave. After spending a night in Triund Camp, in the morning you can start hiking towards Snow Line, where you’ll get an elevation to your trip. This trek is steeper and curvy than previous one.  After spending some gala time at this place, further, you can carry your journey towards Laka Glacier and Indrahara Pass. To fill more adventure in your trip you can also explore Bhagsu waterfalls while returning back from the trip and make it even more worthwhile.

Note: For this, you need to plan a trip for 2-3 days at least.

Important Information for Triund Trekkers

  • Consider recommending a guide along with you so that you don’t get astray.
  • If you don’t have a plan of camping at Triund hilltop, pre-book your rooms in the guest house operated by forest department of Himachal Pradesh well in advance.
  • Well, you get a good water supply there, so no need to carry water bottles to the top.
  • Fill up your wallet nicely; things will get costlier as you move towards the top. Better carry some food stuff right from the starting.
  • Do carry a power bank and a torch along with you as there is no electricity. You might face network issues as well.
  • Wear a comfortable trekking suit and sports shoes so that you can hike easily.

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