Roopkund Trek: All You Need to Know

India is considered to be one of the most favorite trekking spots among trekkers because it has got to offer a wide range of nature blessed trekking destinations with cool pleasant climatic conditions and revitalizing natural beauty. Roopkund trek is one of the most amazing treks in the Garhwal region Uttarakhand that is full of solitude and a lot of beauty. It is the dream destination of every trekker all over the world.

The Roopkund trek is surrounded by picturesque Himalayan beauty. The trek was named so because of the famous glacial lake, Roopkund that remains frozen all through the year. Surrounded by lofty mountain peaks, the lake is situated at a high elevation and offers breathtakingly beautiful views to the trekker. This place of antiquity is sure to give you captivating memories that you will get to cherish for a lifetime.

Hill stations like Nainital and Kathgodam are quite close to this amazing trek that you can visit before or after the trek. It is 217 km away from Nainital and 235 km from Kathgodam. It is one of the major adventure attractions for the trekkers from all over India and world too who are always looking for a venturesome experience. The trek begins at Lohajung to an altitude of 3200 meters.

While trekking, the trekkers come across curvy narrow roads from one mountain slope to the other. The trekkers are accompanied by refreshing airs, spectacular natural sceneries, and lush green forest valleys. Didna Village is the second destination of the trek and to know, it is very difficult to reach there because it is located at a very high altitude. Ali Bugyal is the next amazing spot that endowed with copious nature beauty; a perfect place for capturing some pretty photographs.

Ghora Latoni is next to Ali Bugyal and is said to be an easy walk in the plain area. It is also an ideal place for camping for most of the trekkers. The trail to Bhagwabasa is a criss-cross journey that takes you uphill to the mountain. And there you are. Roopkund is the final destination of the trekking.

The place, located in the Trishul massif, is popular for the five hundred skeletons of humans that were found at the edge of the lake. It is also known as the ‘mystery lake’. It is believed that the skeletons belong to the people of Palaeolithic age.

Which is The Best time for Roopkund Trek?

Roopkund trek is an amazing trek that you will remember for a lifetime. The trek has got to offer amazing beauty in both the summer and winter seasons to its trekkers. Now, it depends on you if you wish to trek on the snow in the winter season or want to witness the rich vegetation of Roopkund in the summer season.

If you want to trek through the snow, May end is said to be the best time for that. There will be heavy snow all around. Imagine how beautiful everything covered in the white blanket would appear! You will be left spellbound with the white landscapes all around. People have different choices and so, they have different preferences too. But, the most preferred months for the Roopkund trek are the April to June and September to November that is suitable for every traveler.

Roopkund Temperature

The Roopkund trek is undeniably a much-needed dose of adventure for the people who are always looking for some kind of adventure in their life. The enthralling beauty of the place is enough to attract a traveler. The breathtaking beautiful landscapes along with the accompanying lofty mountain peaks enhance the beauty of the place manifolds. You will be left spellbound with the virgin beauty that was much needed for you to see.

Roopkund is ideal for visiting in all seasons of the year. Most preferably, people visit the place from April to June and August to October because there can be a little risk of the landslides and avalanches during the rainy season. The Roopkund temperature is same as that of the other places in North India. Summers are quite hot while winters are quite chilling.

Now, it all depends on you; if you want to see the green vegetation of the place, you must plan the trek during summers and if you want to witness the snow-clad peaks, you must plan your trip in the winters. It is even more important to be prepared with the clothing that you might need during your trek.

Roopkund Trek Cost

Roopkund trek is a worth experiencing a journey that is sure to give you cherishing memories that will reside in your mind for a lifetime. More than just being naturally beautiful, the place is a soothing to the mind and the soul. You will find yourself in the lap of nature that will calm your mind and soul. It is a perfect getaway if your regular life has nothing new to offer to you.

The place is worth visiting if you want to give yourself a break for the sake of your mental health. There cannot be any place better than the Roopkund that has got so much of natural beauty at one place to offer to the travelers. You will be enchanted with the picturesque views and amazing landscapes, criss-cross routes taking you to the neighboring mountain.

If you want to calm yourselves, this is the time when you must plan the Roopkund trek. You must not pay much heed to the Roopkund trek cost because it is definitely going to be affordable. A lot of tourism companies have mentioned their pricing on their official website, so, it is better to have a look at most of them and then decide the most suitable one for you.

Roopkund Trek Package

From the mysterious lake to the natural charm, there is a lot more that Roopkund trek has in store for you. The skeletons found near the bank of the lake are an unsolved mystery there is no clear description of the identity of the skeletons. Different theories suggest different answers. But what attracts the trekkers the most to the place is the phenomenal beauty the place offers.

There is no match to the Roopkund’s beauty. If you are planning to head towards the place, it is better to collect the exact and clear information about the place so that you are not bothered later. There are many tourism ventures that offer affordable packages for Roopkund trek. The packages generally include all the important things that any trekker would ever need to reach the destination.

Out of all, Immventures is the best tourism company if you are looking for a fun-filled adventurous journey. We offer our services at the best packages that you won’t find anywhere else. We include food, drinks, accommodation and other commodities in our package so that the travelers don’t have to face any kind of hassle during the journey. We take the responsibility of all our clients and tend to provide them with the experience ever.

Our guides are experienced who have made the trek quite memorable for most of its clients. You will be guided throughout the journey so that you are not bothered because of anything. You can go through our packages and let us know about the one you would like to select and rest, we will take care of.

Roopkund Trek Map

Roopkund trek is the best way of exploring the majestic Himalayas with your family and friends. You get to visit the picturesque sceneries along with a wide range of Himalayan flora and fauna. It is better to visit the place with an experienced guide or keep a Roopkund trek map that will help you in reaching the landmarks, making your journey much easier.

The Roopkund trek commences at Lohajung that is situated at an elevation of 3200meters. The place has curvy and narrow roads connecting one mountain to the other in a criss-cross manner. While going in between the mountains, you will notice scenic valleys and picturesque landscapes offering the best kind of beauty ever.

roopkund trek map

Then, you reach Didna Village that too happens to be next destination. It might be a bit difficult for you to reach the place because it is situated at a height. From crossing the mixed forests to reaching the place, everything might be a little challenging. Next to it is the Ali Bugyal. The place is situated in the lap of verdant mountains and it is often said to be the best place to capture beautiful pictures.

Then, you reach Ghora Latoni that is around 3km away from Ali Bugyal. The place is easy to reach as it is more of plain. So, it is also an ideal spot for camping. After this, you reach Bhagwabasa after walking through the criss-cross path. The 5km trail ahead takes you uphill to the final destination, Roopkund. You will be amazed to see the natural beauty of the lake after going through a lot of exertion. You will find yourself in a place that is nothing less than heaven on earth.

Roopkund Trek Difficulty Level

Roopkund trek is going to be the best trek of your life once you get there. Though reaching the place might come with some difficulties but once you are there, you will forget everything. The place is worth facing all the difficulties and reaching. Snow-covered landscapes sending chilly winds to you in winters or the green vegetation offering scenic beauty; everything is worth giving a visit.

From being in the moderate to difficult trek category, the Roopkund difficulty level varies from season to season. At such a high altitude, the oxygen level gets decreased as the air gets thinner. The trekker needs to be fit enough to be able to walk for around 7-8 hours at a stretch. It doesn’t matter if you have experience in trekking or not. You body physique and your will to complete the trek are what make you reach the place with confidence.

The Roopkund trek is considered to be moderately difficult as there are only a few steep ascends and descends that might create difficulties to the new trekkers. You will find water throughout the trail making it even easier. But in case, it is going to be your first Himalayan trek ever, you must be prepared; both mentally and bodily.

Roopkund Weather

The alluring heights of Roopkund along with the quiet and idyllic surroundings are worth witnessing once in a lifetime. The place has got to offer you an amazing encounter with the majestic Himalayas. The Roopkund weather changes throughout the year just as in other North India. The place has got to offer a lot of scenic views to the trekkers who visit the place.

It is quite hot in the summers in Roopkund but the hill stations always have a pleasant weather. It is the time when you see the amazing green vegetation of Roopkund. The place witnesses a decent amount of rainfall during the rainy season and it is suggested not to visit the place during the rainy season because there may be some landslides or avalanches in the hilly areas.

The Roopkund weather varies from being pleasant to mildly cold and then to very cold during the winter seasons. The place often receives heavy snowfall; covering everything from trees to land. It is when you can see the verdant peaks covered with snow; sending chilling winds to you.

The Roopkund weather is an important aspect when it is about planning the Roopkund trek. One must be sure about the weather conditions because it is very obvious that there won’t be anyone to help you in case you a stuck there.

So, the trekkers, you must plan your Roopkund trek in accordance with your weather preferences and don’t forget to pack your bags with clothes and other useful amenities accordingly. Immventures lets you get the whole information about the place and plan your trek with your friends and family accordingly.

For all adventure lovers, Roopkund trek is the dream of every trekker and visiting the place is a stunning experience that will leave its mark in your mind forever. Pack your bags and enjoy the company of your loved ones on this sensational trip.

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