Our Services

We offer a variety of services to our customers like Guided Tours, Self-Guided Tours, Custom Tours, Adventure Sports, Trekking & Camping Trips, Jeep Safari & Sightseeing Tours, Yoga & Mediation Tours, Motorbike Trips, Honeymoon Packages, Luxury Tours & International Air Ticketing.

Guided Tours

Need to explore new places and don’t want to miss out anything? We provide you experienced, audacious and learned company. After all, you want your tour to be a perfect memory down the memory lane, don’t you?
We help you provide every facility from basic to utmost. We show you around, take you to trails, help you set up your tents, provide you food and everything. We are not that bad at being guides after all.

Self-Guided Tours

If you are more of a free bird, don’t like the escorting guides and want to explore things on your own, then why opt for a guided one? We have much more to offer you. We appreciate your choice of adventure. Let’s get you there.We let you navigate, roam around and explore as per your liking and wish.
There is a lot to be explored and seen across the roads and beyond the roads, in the forests. down the alley, in the valleys, besides the river beds. Your convenience and safety remain our priority.

Custom Tours

Ever thought of a business meet at a place other than the stereotype restaurants? Leave your worries to us, let us provide you with a memorable experience. Break free the stereotype of fixing the meets in concrete and fancy lights. Let’s take you to a new land altogether. Let’s create something more than business on a particular meet. Don’t forget to ping.

Trekking and Camping Tours

You are travelling for excitement or peace? A combo of both comes when you find yourself walking through a picturesque landscape. When all you need is not your laptop and work, but a backpack and a good pair of shoes. Can you eat from cans? Can you cook on a mountain top? When the winds whistle and trees crackle and motivate you to climb up, can you keep going the? Missing out this adventure? Let’s get rich on life, because a man is rich by his experience not his money.

Adventure Sports

If adventure drives you crazy, you need to come to us. We’ll throw you off a cliff, of course with a parachute. We will fling you into a river but of course with a life jacket and a raft boat. We’ll get you kissed but sadly from the sun only, on an adventure. Don’t look out for more, come, the adventure awaits you.

Motorbike Tours

Do you feel the adrenaline rush when you think of a bike throttling through a mountain terrain? Do you feel the joy of wind kissing your face? Do you feel the connection with the roads and ride? Get in for the motorbike tours because you know, the best thing about a road is that it doesn’t lead you to a destination but to joy and thrill unlimited.

Jeep Safari & Sightseeing Tours

This safari is an awesome compilation of fun and jubilation. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to lay with your feet out of the jeep, laying back and enjoying the journey as if the world just evolved from a fresh story full of happiness and calmness? It’s not a jungle safari, but a safari for fun!! Ride along if you want to experience the crazy. You will get to have more fun than the jungle safari, riding along with animals & landscapes. After all, human being is a social animal.